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We’ve got Mulch!

Our newest product line is something we’ve had requests for, garden mulch in bulk quantities. This product is made in Ft. Edward by The Real Bark Mulch Company. We looked around at what was on the market and this product lives up to what we believe our customers expect from Binleys.

As most active gardeners know, mulched beds beautify borders and beds, improving the appearance of any landscape. Spreading mulch on your garden or shrub bed is the best way to save time and energy working in your yard. Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds so less time is spent watering and weeding. It also adds to your soil’s structure and fertility as it breaks down. Mulch can be used on banks and steep inclines to help control erosion. Choose the correct mulch to make your project look its best.

The mulch products we carry are:

  • French Roast Mulch is our premium mulch. It is made from tree bark, finely ground ad blended to maintain a milk chocolate color. This product is made from 100% virgin bark with no additives.
  • Premium Red or Black Mulch are made from virgin wood chips. No recycled material, such as pallets or construction or demolition materials.
  • Saratoga Peat can be used as a mulch or as a quality soil amendment. It is a fine textured mulch, with a permanent chocolate color and with nutritional value and moisture retention qualities to support all your landscape needs. This product consists of horse manure and stable cleanings with some additives, then composted.

Also available next spring, screened topsoil. All these items can be picked up in our yard or we will deliver. In addition, we still carry mulch and topsoil in convenient bags.

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