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Saratoga Peat

Saratoga Peat is a premium mulch made with recycled materials, helping to prevent depletion or over farming of peat bogs. Many gardeners are switching to a more sustainable material.

Saratoga Peat can be used in many applications, from a mulch for landscape beds to a soil amendment for flower and vegetable gardens, lawn and landscaping needs, and as a potting soil. Saratoga Peat helps soils maintain their sweet spot by buffering pH levels and preventing damage from acid rain while improving enrichment of the soil.

When applying mulch, one of the most important considerations is its aesthetic value. Saratoga Peat is naturally a very dark brown and maintains its color throughout the whole season. The use of its own tannins produced during composting, provide for an all natural coloring process. Saratoga Peat helps the soil retain moisture while preventing weeds from growing.

Spread Saratoga Peat 3 to 4 inches deep for a great looking mulch that will also add water retention for the soil, nourishment for healthier plants, and root systems while still suppressing weeds.

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