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Helping your lawn get through the summer

1. Water When the Rooster Crows
  • Water early in the morning to avoid evaporation loss.
  • Start watering at the first signs of stress in the Spring.
  • Water deeper & less frequently in the Spring to encourage deeper rooting.
  • During the summer, watering should be lighter & more frequent.
2. No Buzz Cuts When Mowing
  • Taller grass helps suppress weeds. Don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade height & make sure it doesn’t go below 3” high.
  • Keep mower blades sharp. Avoid ripping the grass to reduce chance of disease.
  • Leave Grass Clippings. A mulching mower returns clippings to the lawn & can provide up to 30% of the lawn’s nutritional needs.
3. Sweeten the Soil (if necessary
  • Lawns require a pH range of 6 – 7 to utilize nutrients.
  • If the pH is too low (acidic), sweeten it with lime.
  • If the pH is too high (alkaline), acidify it with sulfur.
  • You can check the pH with a simple home test kit.
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