Getting To Know What Flowers Are Seasonal and What Are Not

Most flowers are available to us throughout the year. But some flowers are seasonal. Each season offers its own flowers. But why do you need to know this information? Well, if you are planning a wedding on a particular season, it is good to know what type of flowers are readily available.

Let's start with spring flowers...


One of the popular spring flowers is the Narcissus or dafodil. The flowers consist of two parts, the petals and the cup. They come in green, red, yellow, white, pink, orange and plus several others. Narcissus come in many colors such as yellow, white, orange and pink. They also have many varieties like the large trumpet, large cup and the small cup.

Hyacinths are lovely flowers, too. They are actually clusters of small flowers. They come in orange, yellow, pink and even blue. They also have many varieties like gypsy queen, amethyst, jan bos and others.

Lily of the Valley is a fragrant flower and often used in beauty products. They look like small white bells and will develop into red berries by summer.

There are over 1,000 varieties of lilac with single and double petals. They are commonly used in perfumes and soaps. The white and pink are popular besides the lavender, blue and purple.

Wax flower is also known as Geraldton Wax. They are clusters of small flowers with 5 petals on each flower. Available in white, pink and purple and the leaves are needle-like.


Summer flowers are like agapanthus, hydrangea, tuberose, sunflowers, peony, solidago, calla lily, stephanotis and daisies.

Peonies have many varieties such as Claudia, Early Windflower, Cytherea and Sea Shell. There are many more. They are very showy flowers and have different blooming patterns which we call single, Japanese, Anemone, Semi double, Crown, Semi Rose, Rose and Bomb.

Stephanotis is a vine that grows well on trellis. It is white in colour and sweetly scented. Often used as a wedding flower. Stephanotis is also known as the Madagascar Jasmine.

Agapanthuses, also known as African Lilies, are available in white and blue. There are varieties like the Ice Blue Star, White Dwarf and Tinkerbell.

Another popular summer flower is the hydrangea. It is a cluster of small and sweet flowers. There are many types and colors available, like the mopheads, lacecaps, vines, oakleaf and peegees.


Sunflowers, gladiolus, dahlias, solidago, celosia and statice are autumn flowers.

A sunflower consists of two parts, the ray florets which is yellow in colour and the disk florets which is normally purplish brown in colour. Varieties are like the Russian Giant, Music Box, Teddy Bear and Autumn Beauty.

There are many types of dahlias, namely single-flowered, anemone-flowered, collerette, decorative, ball, waterlily, cactus, pompon, semi cactus, miscellaneous, fimbriated, single orchid and double orchid. They come in colors like orange, purple, yellow, white, cream, etc.

Gladiolus is also known as Sword Lily. They come in white, pink, oranges, red and purple.

Solidago has over 100 varieties, for example Crown Of Rays, Golden Wings and Straight Plants. These varieties come from Solidago Altissima, Solidago Canadensis, Solidago Nemoralis and Solidago Simplex, among others.

Celosia is a very unusual flower. There are 2 types of celosia. One is the crinkled type, also called Celosia Cristata that looks like a human brain. The other is Celosia Plumeria which looks like a rooster's comb. That's why celosia is also known as cockscomb. They are available in bright colours such as red, yellow, orange and purple.

Statice is often used as fillers in flower arrangements. They are multi-branched of tiny flowers. The flower texture is paper-like.


Examples of winter flowers are like freesias, ranunculus, lisianthus, leucadendrons and amaryllis.

Freesias come in red, pink, white and yellow. They are scented flowers, especially the white ones.

Another name for lisianthus is eustoma. They are lovely winter flowers. But they have very delicate stems. They look like poppies when in full bloom and come in white, pink, purple and lavender.

The ranunculus is a unique flower. The center of the flower always has a different color. This winter flower comes in yellow, white, red, pink and orange.

Amaryllis are available in many types, like the large flowering, double, dwarf, rare, African and potted amaryllis. And within these types there are many varieties too. Examples are like Snow White, Solomon and Ragtime. 

These are some of the flowers that are considered seasonal. When you order flowers for any occasion, bare in mind that some flowers are seasonal and that's why they are more expensive.





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