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6 Types of Roses - With So Many, Choosing can be a Little Thorny!

Floribunda – it’s Cowabunga! A bushy shrub with lots of big, showy blossoms on every stem (instead of just one). Something to really get excited about!

Hybrid Tea, anyone? - These are the long, tall beauties you see at the florist.

Shrub & Landscape – a dynamic duo. Hardy, low-maintenance plant that blooms throughout a long season available in shapes and sizes to fit any landscape.

Climbers – heighten the effect. Dress up the scene with cascades of flowers – train climbers to adorn an entrance, wall or fence –anything that will offer support.

Miniature – no shortage of lovely with these little beauties. Large roses are beautiful, but there is something even more captivating about seeing roses this small. Hardy little plants that do well in containers.

Tree Roses – or four? You just can't get enough of them. These grafted wonders connect strong roots to a long stem and the top of a rosebush to create an unusual but elegant look. Extra care is required for these roses.

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