Gardening Tips

The Benefits of Mulch

A water-efficient garden shouldn't be without mulch. Since mulch reduces water evaporation, a well-mulched garden will not have to be watered as frequently as one that is not. Mulch has the added benefit of deterring weeds that not only detract from the look of a garden but also compete for water and nutrients. Mulch is usually described as organic (e.g., wood chips, shredded leaves) or non-organic (e.g., landscape fabric, stone). As organic mulches break down, they improve the water percolation and retention through the soil, as well as add nutrients to the soil. Non-organic mulches last longer than organic mulches and require little maintenance, but don't alter the soil's composition.

Although generous applications of mulch will help any garden make the most of the water it receives, don't apply organic mulch too close to the stems of young seedlings, or you'll smother them.

Binleys carries quality hardwood mulch in brown, black and red and it is available in convenient 2 cubic foot bags or in bulk. We’ll load your truck or trailer or delivery is available.

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