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Celebrate Warren County’s Bicentenial

During Earth Week of 2012, the Warren County Board of Supervisors designated the Black-eyed Susan, aka Rudbeckia hirta, as the official flower of the 2013 Bicentennial year. The flower originated on the Midwestern plains but was discovered here in the Lake George area in 1856!

This upcoming growing season, Binley Florist and other nurserymen from around the county will participate in promoting the Bicentennial flower with plant tags distributed by the office of the county historian with the sanction of the Bicentennial Citizens Advisory Committee. The specially designed plant tag is imprinted with the Bicentennial logo. This is an invitation to all citizens to participate directly and personally in the celebration of our 200th year.

In March over 1900 plant tags will be distributed to the area nurseries. Here at Binleys we carry them in serveral different sizes.

Like many naturalized wildflowers, it is a tough plant. It does well on sandy soils and soil poor in organic matter. Now, scattered around the globe, the Black-eyed Susan can be considered a gift from the New World to the Old. They would make a great addition to any garden, so join the celebration.

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